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Thursday, May 22, 2008  

It's Thursday, which means it's time to hear from the Creativity Jar. This week I made sure it told me to:

Drink my morning coffee on the pier.

We've had the longest coolest spring, with lots of rain alternating with crisp blue days. This has kept the mayflies away, (wicked biting flies that usually show up mid-May and pretty much ruin the outdoors for the next 4 weeks) which is nice, but it's made the mornings both too cool and too damp with dew for sitting on piers to watch sunrises. Sunday is supposed to be 80 and sunny, warming up both air and river, so Monday morning, a delicious Monday holiday, ought to be the perfect time to settle down with cup, camera, and maybe a little cotton knitting.

Here's what the bird flock has to say about this.

As for last week's directive, to research and write about bald eagles, I have done a good bit of reading about them but till last night I couldn't figure out how to write about them without sounding like a 4th grader. I've got an idea now though and this weekend, this happy glorious holiday weekend, I'll take the time to put it all down in pixels and share with the curious.

Good thing I've had the creativity jar, though, since I've been decidedly uncreative and unproductive with fiber lately. I'm still knitting on the cabled clutches – when I knit at all – and I'm totally inspired by C's sweater from her handspun yarn and wishing I were as productive and thinking I could be and, alas, not being so. I will blame it on dog hair and computers, since I'm using the creative parts of my brain to learn how to use the new software at work and my beloved dogs have decided that shedding will be the next New Olympic Sport and they want spots on the American team. My house is white with dog hair – and Priss hasn't even begun to shed yet. She always waits till last, when the real hot weather gets here and we haven't had a day above 80 all spring.

So. Rug cleaning happens on Saturday, along with all the other household chores – but the next two days I plan to fill with fiber and creativity and leisurely mornings on the pier with my coffee.

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