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You're going to wind up with a closetful of such gorgeous little purses -- you might just have to hang them on the wall instead, where they can be admired all the time. :)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008  

If you really go with what you feel deeply, you have less choice than you previously thought. You also, though, have a lot less to worry about. Doubts will soon give way to inspiring certainties.

Thank you MrHoroscope – you do have an uncanny way of putting your finger on the nub. I am nervous about this network upgrade and yet there really isn't anything left I can do. It has to go alright – but I will be glad for those inspiring certainties sweeping away my doubts. The good thing is I can dress casual the rest of the week.

Today is a glorious crisp spring day – a wee bit cool, as this whole spring has been – and at last I've slipped out into the yard to see what's going on. BD always complains that our yard is too big and too difficult to cut – but he is wrong. It's full of little rooms
and hidden surprises just down this little tunnel
or behind this little green wall .
I am a sucker for paths that snake off into the woods and I have lots of them, both in the yard and in the woods.

Along with being energized by the glory that is May in Virginia, I am also inspired. Among you quilters out there, I am sure Janet Crowther is a familiar name but she is new to me and it's not her quilting but her felting that I have fallen in love with. I discovered her in this magazine
and am challenged to try my hand at needle felting by this lovely purse.

I am thinking of a series of bags – with their flat canvas of felt just waiting to be embellished. Perhaps an ocean scene in blues and greens – or some other crowd scene that begs for layers of colors. Perhaps this could be a summer project. We shall see. For sure, I have made copious notes of the flood of ideas that washed over me as read the pages of this article.
Honestly – there is nothing quite so exhilarating as being inspired by a fellow fiber enthusiast.
Happy fiber joys to you all today.

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