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What an interesting way of looking at it! There's plenty of mystery in this batch of yarn for me, that's for sure. :) Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep an eye out at MS&W this weekend for someone who looks like your picture; I'd love a chance to say hi.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008  

I was just reading (and admiring the photos) where C has begun knitting a sweater with her handspun yarn and it got me to thinking how different it feels to knit with yarn you've known since its beginning – since it was still on a lamb or on a drum carder or in some other unspun state. There is a tremendous difference and I've been trying to think of metaphors that illuminate that difference. Mill spun yarn is so perfect and while it also has many other delightful qualities, i. e. softness, loft, sheen – once you knit a while with it, you know what it's going to do, how it will communicate, what it has to say. Mill spun yarn is like reading a text book – once you grasp the author's style it is up to the information to keep you interested.

Handspun yarn is like talking to someone you've never met before. You never know just what will come out of her mouth so you listen more closely, you use more than just your ears and voice to communicate. You indulge in eye contact, you savor subtle scents. Altogether, you just stay more alert with a newcomer and any handspun yarn is going to be that. That alertness translates into a richer, fuller knitting experience, something akin to eating a new and foreign cuisine. Perhaps the great spinners you know; the Judith Mac's and the Patsy Z's, can spin a predictable yarn that brings with it only mild surprises if any at all. Those of us who are amateurs in the art of spinning will find knitting with our own yarn a tactile experience fraught with subtle shifts and changes, surprises and delights.

Congratulations, C!

Because I expect my creativity to actually be overstimulated this weekend at MS&W, I am not picking anything from the Creativity Jar, but here is what TheBirds have to say about things.

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