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Postie genes, eh? My great-great grandparents' farmhouse has a PO in the foyer, just to the right of the parlor. Hmmm...

Glad you had a good day with your Mom and Dad, and that your Dad seems to be getting a bit stronger life-wise.


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Monday, May 12, 2008  

How Green Was My County

Only, it's King and Queen County, but heck, I've got plenty of cousins in K&Q too. This is what it looked like on Saturday when I rode over to help sister buy furniture for Mama's new place.

Plenty of green tunnels

This is Beazley, where Essex, Caroline and K&Q all come to a point. The building is the new Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church. That name always makes me smile.

And this is Helmut - just up the road from Newtown - where Cousin Teddy used to be postmistress. BD & I stopped here when we rode our bikes from Richmond once, lo those decades ago.

Here's where the Alexander's used to live - and where we used to buy butter made from Lily the

Not picturesque, but yet another post office where another cousin is postmistress. Hmmm. Evidently it runs in the family.

And proof that you don't have to go far to get rural (click to enlarge):

Happily, the rain had stopped by the time I got to Richmond and Happiest of All – we found everything we needed to buy at the prices we wanted to pay. Evidently I'm not just a lucky wedding shopper – I'm a flat out, all 'round lucky shopper.

When we were done, sister took me by the new place and then I spent the afternoon with Dad, going over old files and just spending time together. He's weaker physically, than he was last year, but less depressed and he's been making measurable progress with physical therapy this month. This is because sister takes him to PT (held in the building next door). She says she'll stop doing this at the end of May though and it'll be up to him to keep going.

I did the Mother's Day thing yesterday. This is not a holiday my own household celebrates, though we can't help responding to the constant promotion. So when I got home and BD asked “what do you want to do for Mother's Day?” I told him I wanted to brush out all the dogs, vacuum the rugs and spend the rest of a rainy afternoon in bed. Got to do all three.

Minuscule knitting progress and no spinning at all was accomplished this weekend.

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