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Sunday, April 27, 2008  

Yesterday's writer's workshop went really well. David Robbins was dynamic and energetic and passionate. We had one high school boy who I suspect really benefited. He's the "smart boy" in his class and Robbins accepted his smart-boy-ness but also pried up the lid of ego and, in a manly way, slipped new ideas into this boy's head. I could really see the wheels turning. Something may grow there that will benefit us all.

Mostly the people who were there were dilettantes and dabblers. They may never write anything that gets published, but they might produce something creditable, something they're proud of, something they'd share with friends or on-line. One woman - local newspaper writer, single mom clawing her way to a college degree via Internet and off-site classes at the local community college - yes - she came away with some valuable tools, with some guidance that gently but seriously pushed her away from a bad version of a good idea and towards a better way of developing it.

Yup. He was good.

The weekend wound up with a formal dinner for 8 at the B&B. I missed the autumn one but BD joined me at this one and the food was delicious and conversation was lively and vivid. But this big event is over with and I am glad. I'm ready to do my Jill Horner stuff with computers in the back room. I'm ready to knit the afternoon away. I'm ready to go somewhere next weekend and drink wine with girlfriends.

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