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Color charts are nice!

Do you have Excel or similar spreadsheet package? It takes a bit of time, but if you re-size enough cells (or rows and columns) for your chart, you can then put color in the cells as needed (I think, without going to look, that the background color choices is under the Format tab) - highlight several to format at one time, or do one at a time. You can also copy one cell into another cell.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008  

Yes Diann, the purple is lilac, but the creamy one is a Burkwood Viburnum – my anniversary flower. Not because I carried a bouquet of them in a wedding – we got married at the courthouse in Rockville MD. But because they always bloom, most fragrantly, in mid-April, when our anniversary occurs. I discovered them in the old parking lot of the Va. Museum of Art in Richmond and was enchanted. I tracked down a source for them and planted 4 in my garden.

Yesterday was the first really hot day of spring and I got to spend most of it at home. I have to work today and on the weeks I work Saturdays I usually take Friday off. Alas, I had an appointment with the library furniture salesman and had to go in anyway – and isn't this just the way of the world – when I got there he called and said he was running 2.5 hrs. late!!

We rescheduled.

And I had another meeting so it wasn't a total loss of day-offedness and I managed to get the grocery shopping done and to get home in time to take both a fantastic walk with dogs through the springtime forests and fields
with a stop off at Jacob's Gut for a bit of a cooldown (there are three dogs - but one is to the right, in the shaddows)

There was even time for a long ramble with BD down the less familiar roads of Essex Co. I'm pretty familiar with all the roads of central and upper Essex, but the lower end of the county is mostly a mystery to me. We had an errand to run yesterday down below Dunnsville and BD, who knows this county like the proverbial back of his hand, navigated me all around.

This week's Creativity Jar task is:

knit a pair of mittens

How fortunate that I'm half way to completion already. But I want to write up the pattern for these mittens, which includes a colorwork chart ... last week's task ... These mittens are knit from some wonderful Cotswold x CVM cross I purchased from Spirit Trail and I would love for Jen to have them for people to look at in her Maryland Sheep and Wool booth – which, my dears, is just 3 weeks away!!

Yep. Fiber Nirvana is that near. I knew it was coming and I've reserved the hotel room, but there has been, and still is so much to do this month that I hadn't counted up the days. I will be taking friends from T-town this year who haven't been to MS&W before so I shan't be working at Jen's booth, but I'd like to make a little contribution to my dear friend's endeavors. A nice sample of her fibers, spun and knit up ought to help a bit.

So – my fiber time over the next 2 weeks will be spent pattern writing and knitting and by then, it ought to be warm enough to take advantage of another of the slips I know is lurking in the CJ, and go drink my morning coffee out on the pier. Hmmm. Come to think of it – it's that warm this morning. I think I'll indulge myself.

Happy knitting to you all.

P. S. Is this a House-0-Dogs or what!?

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