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Wow! pretty mitten!! Can't wait to see it in person.

Sounds like you had a nice rainy Sunday, too ~ I did, too (lots of knitting on an Icarus shawl :-D ).

Hugs, Jen

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 PM  

A very belated comment on this post from early April when I visited -- what a wonderful day that was! I feel particularly privileged to have had the opportunity to spend some time in your lovely home, and share a meal with you and BD, and test your wheels and play with fiber and doggies. Just a lovely, lovely day. I'm still in awe of your property. Thank you so much for having me! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 3:03 PM  

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Sunday, April 06, 2008  

Usually the April showers ditty has nothing to do with Virginia. Usually it's March showers and April drought and maybe a little May relief. But this year we are really getting April showers. Rain and then rain and when it doesn't rain, I seem to be indoors at work and never realize any lovely springtime weather has showed up till I go home in the evenings. It was rainy on Friday night, and yesterday morning and last night and it's raining again right now. But in the afternoon, when M visited, the rain let up just enough to let the bright green of springtime show through.

My yard is nothing to show off these days, especially to a gardener, but we were devoting yesterday to fiber toys anyway, and besides, gardeners know that sometimes we have to give it a rest. Or even an abandonment if that's what's called for. There's a lot of fun just knowing that out there beneath the weeds and honeysuckle are secret surprises.

What we did do was to paw through some of the bags of fiber on top of my stash and spin on all three of the wheels and all half dozen of the spindles. And all my babies played nicely. The wheels spun, the spindles didn't hit the ground and there was blue faced Leicester, and there was boarder Leicester and there was alpaca and silk blend and there was some blue merino and ruby wine red polwarth. And now I just remember - I never showed her my spinning notebook. Rats. Well, she'll just have to come back again.

Ha! and there were no photographs! At one time all three wheels were out in the living room and BD walked in and said “This looks like a shop.” I believe M took one photo and I hope she posts it. It is of Priss, one of my Good Dogs, spinning. But here is what's left of our fiber debauchery.

We also looked through the choices in the Creativity Jar and this week's task, deliberately picked because the rest of April is going to be So Crammed Packed with Dooty, is to

Chart a stranded colorwork design. In short – play with graph paper and colored pencils. May your Sunday be full of color too.

posted by Bess | 8:29 AM