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Monday, April 14, 2008  

Thanks anonymous! I had forgotten I had a link to instructions on how to use excel for making knitters graph paper. What fun. I have open office so I haven't been able to save this as any sort of graphic file I might post on-line. I could scan it – which I might actually do, and I have Microsoft excel at work so I will give that a try at lunchtime today. But if any of you wise guys out there have any idea how to make an excel chart into a .jpg file, inquiring minds want to know.

I'm back in harness today – another long busy week with ThingsToDo. And teeth to fix. Suddenly my teeth decided to go all old age and crippled on me. Thank goodness they waited till my insurance ramped up to include dental. Whew. I think, otherwise, I'd be $pending big buck$.

No knitting was done this weekend. I spent Friday afternoon outdoors with BD, really being in the early springtime. Work on Saturday and gardening on Sunday and more laundry than you could believe two people could amass sprinkled throughout the days left me with little time for fiber. I'm giving serious thoughts to MS&W these days. I am thinking that I really don't have anything to buy. Of course, I think this every year and then spend like a crazy drunk anyway, but I wonder, really.... what do I want this time? What am I looking for? Some more spindles? Any books? Special fibers? It's odd, but in a way, the Creativity Jar has made me look at my stash and use it as well, made me move forward through interesting projects in a way that, say, the Year of No New Yarn did not. Re-framing things to something more pro-active, something less punitive, has satisfied a lot of my acquisitiveness.

Well – all that sounds mighty hifalutin but that's not to say I shan't succumb to the group energy of mass buying. I'm fairly broke this year, so that should help curb my spending some. And I'll be introducing newbies to the show and they tend to be careful too. Seasoned attendees will dig deep into their pockets, but first timers are usually too overwhelmed to spend much. Besides, K is the measured and careful sort.

Ahh well, It's all 3 weeks away and between now and then I have a mountain of Other Stuff to manage, accomplish, achieve, and do. Off I go to face the week. May yours be creative and filled with joy.

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