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Sunday, April 20, 2008  

Thank you, thank you all, for the kind words. We are still giddy with joy in this house, having a binocular guy again. He is so happy he bought himself a new sail boat. New to him, of course. He sold his boat last fall and has been looking around for its replacement all winter. Suddenly, 2 weeks ago, a Tiki 21 showed up on the market – not 100 miles away. I won't see him now for the next month.

Just in time for me to slip away to MS&W – hmmm? Where I can't imagine there is anything I want to buy this year – not anything in particular, that is. I have enough wonderful yarn and fiber to keep me happy for years – I have wheels, spindles, needles. I have books, patterns, a swift, a ball winders. I have no place to put a drum carder and since that is essentially a bed of nails, I am not tempted to try to force one into the house. I guess I'll just be going for the funnel cakes.

Oh. No. I forgot. A funnel cake is 12 WW points. I think I'll pass on that.

So. Why am I going? Well. I'll be going with friends I like – at least one of whom has never been to any fiber festival. Introducing someone to the magic that is a huge fiber extravaganza is bound to be a treat. And I do love that green pasture and the excitement of all the people flush with their happy purchases. The fiber arts competition is always inspiring – some of the garments really knock your socks off. And this year I can sit through the auction if I want. Nothing I need to buy but it'll be fun to see how prices run. And while I am not interested in livestock – I would love to watch some of the animal judging. I've had my catalog for weeks now but haven't had time to read it – I'll do so today and see if there will be any animal displays I'd really like to see. Looking at a fiber on it's source is truly educational.

I've been wanting to write about my experience as a first time e-bay seller – which was frustrating and tense and complicated and which also turned out well. Trouble is – when it was all fresh and inspirational, I was swamped with Other Things To Do and now as it's receding into the background, I don't feel the passion of my muse. The good news is that I made some $ and I also know how to sell things on e-bay. I'm not all that sure I want to sell things on e-bay – but I know how to. Whew. And getting that harp out of my house has opened up a whole room. It was so big and so delicate it just sat in the room upstairs daring anybody to come in. Now there is a place for a desk and my paperwork and even for guests to stay once again.

This is NOT the room that could be a studio for me. It is already half BD's and I don't intend to share studio space with him. But it will be wonderful to be able to sit down at a desk and do the family bookkeeping. And then close the door behind me when I walk away.

Fiber news will come later on – maybe later today, certainly sometime. Again, thank you all for your warm support.

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