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Sunday, April 13, 2008  

Oh dear. I am not very good at color charting. At least - not for public viewing.

Whenever I am working on something that needs charted out I tend to just scratch out a few lines on paper and mark the squares with x's. I've charted out several stitch patterns in my 2nd Barbara Walker book – I love me some charts.

But coloring in 24 x 31 little square neatly and tidily is ... boring. And not my best skill. I wish I had some sort of drawing program that would let me just click in the colors – but so far I haven't figured out how to do it with Paint. Ah well. I shall persevere.

And here is a nifty website for printing out knitters graph paper - you know - the kind with flattened rectangles instead of squares.

The week coming up is a demanding week. There is Much To Do and I am looking at this week, not as an adversary, but as a very complex pattern I have to figure out, plot, and execute. And then I begin to wonder why I'm making such a Big Deal out of it. I suspect it is because most of my life is pretty easy most of the time. So when, now and then, a week comes along that is highly structured, full of activities and still a long way away from easy living vacation retirement style – I feel daunted.

Also there is a dentist appointment that includes repair work.

I'm glad today will be an at home day with ordinary household tasks – and knitting!



There's a serious case of Boat Fever raging through TheCastle these days. Any of you out there ever have to live with someone laid low with Boat Fever? You know whereof I speak.

3 more weeks to MS&W! Ta.

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