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Vi passed along a new moon ritual and asked me to share it with you. Write yourself a "check" on yellow paper. On the pay to the order of line write your name. On the dollar line, write paid in full. on the signature line write the Law of Attraction. On the note line, write the thing you wish to have. She swears she's been doing it for years and it works.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008  

The New Moon takes place 2.55pm Sydney tomorrow. That's 4.55am Sunday in London and 8.55pm Saturday in New York. The closer to just before then that you make a wish, the more powerful it's said to be. Because Venus is making a hard angle to Pluto at the time of the New Moon, it's a particularly good time to let go of any obsessive, compulsive behaviors which you know are doing you no good. Ditto any unhealthy relationships you have with food or money or both. The New Moon is always a great time to start again - and it's a Use It Or Lose It Chance. This New Moon in particular is a good Start Over moment because it's in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.

Okay, my friends – that's this weekend and it comes straight (with a leetle bit of editing) from MsHoroscope. Get your wishes ready and don't wish your boss would drop dead, either. Wish good stuff for yourself.

I haven't pulled my Creativity Jar slip this week yet. I was swamped with work on Thursday and Friday and since M is coming for a visit, I thought I'd wait till she got here and we can pick one together.

And with that – I better go clean my house. This is her first visit and I want everything to be as nice as a rainy Saturday of spinning can be.


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