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If you some assistance in finding an assisted living center that may work, please feel free to give me a call, I am sire we have some providers that could be a great fit. It is a free service.

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Oh no, never boring! :)

You know, a couple of people have said they think blogging is down a bit, but maybe it's just seasonal? Hope so, anyway.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008  

Life at TheCastle moved swiftly from big deal entertaining for the library to taking care of family business. My mother will be moving from the assisted living place she's in to a different one and sister and I have been looking around. Sunday we spent looking at what's available down here. There are possibilities - clean, nice, bright, safe - but unfortunately, they are full scale nursing homes, and that means the residents there are mostly people who have slid fairly deeply into dementia. As sister put it – the folks have all gone there to die. Mama still has some living left to do. The one good assisted living place won't take people in who are at level 3, which is where Mama is.

We've had serious heavy rains the past few days – NOT with the tornadoes, which were south of Richmond, (we are east of Richmond) but with enough rain to at last restore the ground water that dried up last summer. What a difference in attitude I have when I know we're going into summer with enough water in the ground. Of course, all the work I'd set aside while we were doing last minute preparation for our Weekend was still sitting on my desk on Monday. I've been ticking down through that list fairly steadily, but it doesn't make for relaxing days at work.

I'm knitting away on the cabled clutches and they will be my travel knitting, because, in spite of weather forecasts and several of our party having to drop out of the trip, I am still going to MS&W on Friday. Yup. K and I will go because she has never been and I would like to smell sheep again – even wet sheep. It means missing out on being a trophy wife in Annapolis with BD who will be a commentator on May 3, at a three-way race that pits the Sultana shallop against two of its cousins in a competition for the Captain John Smith Cup, as part of the Maryland Maritime Heritage Festival in Annapolis.

Well, that is the way it is. Our WWW was double booked with the area Garden Club of Virginia day. There are only so many good weekends in the springtime and everyone wants to use them for outdoor events. And some of them aren't really all that good. For sure, if it's going to rain, I'd rather be in a sheep barn than at a regatta.

I notice that blogland is fairly dull these days and that is the only comfort I have about my own boring writing. Still and all, I am persevering because, one of these days I am sure I'll be inspired again and till then, well, there's always the chance someone is curious about TheQueen.

Happy Hump Day.

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