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I'm really unsure about where the past few months went. I swear, it was winter, it was cold, I remember very clearly that it was cold.

And without any transition, it is now very hot in my house, and suddenly MDSW is next weekend and my WHEEL comes home, and it's just really, really odd how that happened so quickly. Rain or not, I'm very much looking forward to giving you a big hug. I'll have to check my calendar (don't I sound important) and figure out when I'm going to be there....

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Friday, April 25, 2008  

Lawsee – I have become such a sluggard. Thalia has deserted me along with all her other literary sisters. I feel slightly sad and a tee tiny bit guilty about not writing, especially not writing beautifully – but then I look around at the things that are happening and I just have to accept that, what is, is what is. For the most part, the only time I have to write is early in the morning and I've been sleeping hard and long lately – a good thing because I have dragged myself through enough endless days following insomniac nights over the past 5 years. I am sure my silence is not because I have become suddenly stupid this 2008, or insensitive to my surroundings.

I knew that this spring was going to be cram packed with the type of thinking that I don't usually have to do – analytical thinking about the role, quantity, specific type, and ethical use of technology at the library. A big project suddenly grew enormous when we found ourselves changing the library software. I have to know the most about this stuff because I have to be able to share and convince not just the staff and public users, but the policy board and funding people. I have to admit this has been fun – something of a challenge, an opportunity to push people into thinking about New Things – but it seems to have sucked up my urge to communicate anywhere else in my life. It's going to go on, too, for another couple of months. Possibly till October, though not all the time at full tilt. I promise, there will be opportunities for verbosity this summer and I shall take full advantage of them.

What's happenin' this weekend, though, for the lucky few who have yet to hear about it, is our Friends of the Library's Weekend with a Writer. I was so thrilled when my cousin, BH was able to take on this group last spring. She'd already been a board member and helped with some great projects, but as president she has been a dynamo. She hooked up with the innkeepers at our pretty local B&B and cooked up this idea of inviting an author to T-town for the weekend. The author speaks at the Friends dinner on Friday nights and does something at the library on Saturday afternoon – varying as the interests, scope and talents of the author do. Last fall we held an antiques roadshow with author Emyl Jenkins. This spring, David Robbins is going to hold a writer's workshop. He's writer in residence at the College of William and Mary. Guests at the inn get to come to the dinner, and the writers workshop and have a more intimate dinner with the author on Saturday night at the inn.

So far we've had really good response from everyone and we can only see it growing. But it's still a learning experience for us as we plot our way through the challenge of raising the literary bar in our community. (That is a wordy way of saying we've made lots of mistakes but it's still been lots of fun.)

What else that is happenin' this weekend is that my sister is coming on Sunday and we're going to look at nursing care for my mother down here. Pressure and change have again touched my family and we are looking for solutions. The load of caring for my parents, though greatly lightened by them moving into group housing, still lies heavily on my one sister. I can help very little living so far away. Mama has to move anyway. There is one place down here that might suit her. Besides, I have always understood Mama better than my sisters. Weird things she says, that drive them nuts, make sense to me. I like the doctor she'd have, there is a good, if small, hospital in town that could transfer her quickly if her needs were beyond their capabilities. Best of all, it would cut the burden in half for my sister.

So. So. The wheel turns again. And this being a week that is This Full, and also the week right before Maryland Sheep and Wool – well – I didn't want anything too demanding from the Creativity Jar, nor anything that required casting on. I want to have needles free for whatever I purchase next weekend. So. This week's activity is to Write a Love Letter.

Now. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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