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Your colors look beautiful together. Love the striped bit at the tip that echoes the corrugated ribbing. Spinning on three different wheels? Playtime! :)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008  

Is it Spring yet?

Here is the rustic mitten, pre-blocking. I was a bit concerned that it was too small – too short at the fingertips, but wet setting it opened up both the fiber and the stitches so that it fits my hand perfectly. It's also very cushion-ey and warm. My original intention with this yarn was to make fingerless mitts, but I think such a hefty yarn created too big a pattern across the hands. A more delicate fine yarn knit into fair isle patterns would please me more. Something rugged and rustic like this looks better in the full mitten shape.

My short term memory is pretty much shot to hell these days. I had forgotten I'd spun 2 small skeins of the gold yarn. Happily I discovered a second one in my knitting bag so I know there will be plenty of yarn to knit mitten #2. In fact, I'll cast on for that today AND chart out the stranded colorwork pattern, thus fulfilling my CJ project. In fact, I plan to write up the pattern, along with spinning instructions for those who are inspired.

Another crammed, crowded, weird April week in store for me. The planets are all at war with each other and I am going to duck my head, take nothing personal, and plow forward.

posted by Bess | 6:57 AM