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Ah, Dear Bess...A gorgeous mitten-in-progess, despite Mount Everest! Come visit me one January, and I'll find you some snow!


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Thursday, April 03, 2008  

I check my horoscope pretty nearly every day. It's fun. It's like a puzzle or a fortune cookie or just a giggle. But now and then MrHoroscope hits the nail smack on the head and this week he's done it two days running.

Passion is a wonderful thing, provided it's aimed in an appropriate direction. Strong feelings are hurtling through your heart and mind. You are overreacting to factors that don't deserve as much energy as you feel inclined to give them. Begin your return to a greater level of comfort by refusing to let a certain matter worry or irritate you. Bring your enthusiasm for a particular idea back down to a realistic level. And don't let a minor matter start to become enormously significant.

I am dealing with something new and irritating and I am sure I'm making Mount Everest out of nothing and I'm constantly having to push down Fears of Failure. But it will eventually end. I just have to take a deep breath and do the Next Thing. When I'm done, I'll be better off than before it began. I always knew it was this middle stuff that was going to be such a pain. Now I'm in the middle, though - nothing to do but go forward. But this sort of plug in my energy wrecks havoc on all sorts of happy fun things; like blogging, for example.

Other things prodding into blogging time and literary exuberance are More Dr. Visits (today) and allergies (much better, though) and work and oh yeah, income taxes. No wonder my knitting is going awry. I'd hoped to post photos of my hand spun mitten knittin' project but it's got to be ripped back almost to the cuff. I've got to eliminate some rows from the colorwork pattern and see if I can shorten it without loosing the dark brown in the dark red. I am positive I can and I'll do a tidier job of knitting it this time.

The fabric it's creating is incredibly thick and plush and if I only lived in the frozen north they'd probably be my favorite mittens in the world. One winter we shall have snow and I will be the last one to get cold hands in the snowball fight.

Happy Thursday to you all.

Oh, what the heck. Here it is.

posted by Bess | 7:28 AM