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Friday, April 04, 2008  

All that is left of that mitten now is the cuff and about an inch of the hand – and I'm about to rip that back too. I decided the problem with that mitten was the thumb placement. I'd put it too low, so the rest of the mitten was bound to rise too high, making the mitten way too long. There was one little flaw just below the thumb placement and since I've ripped out this much, I may as well go all the way back to the error and have a pattern perfect piece.

Yesterday was another long one in the city – with dr. visits and some few errands for BD and with lunch thrown in – well, there you have it. Another day gone. But we don't have to go back for 2 weeks. Not that I don't enjoy trips to the city with BD and the chance to meet with friend for lunch. But I do have a job that is a major player in the financial game of my life. 6 days out of the past 3 weeks is making an impact on my productivity.

We're still wending our way through the magic that is being an ebay seller of bulky heavy objects. Not done yet but I believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We were so busy constructing packaging last night I never pulled out a Creativity Jar slip. Guess I'll go do that this morning. As for last week's cartoon movie – the best I could do was Song of the South – which my dear friend lent me – and which I remember watching when I was a wee thing. Zippidooda! I love me some Br'er Rabbit.

But I still plan to see Brave little toaster and Shrek.

Happy Friday

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