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Oh, we have turtles too, in the lake near the house. I love it when they gather in a group to sun themselves on the bank.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008  

Yesterday was a turtle warm day. 71 degrees! Driving home in the early afternoon I had to stop where the creek crosses our road and just stare at all the shiny turtles, sunning themselves on anything protruding from the water – stumps, limbs, logs. They cluster along their narrow perches like so many ladybugs in your window – but at the first sign of curious gawking humans, most of them slide into the water. Only a few of the boldest will wait it out, clinging to the warmth of the sun with daring do.

More, even, than the spring peepers, I love the turtles who sunbathe in Farmer's Hall Creek.

I'm helping BD with some editorial work and my spare time is quite limited this week. We're 7/9ths of the way through this project and after that I can get back to spinning. Maybe Wednesday night. Nothing is in a state worthy of a photograph but there ought to be Things to See by the weekend.

Happy Tuesday.

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