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Hooray for stormy weather! I'm always a little let down when they're over. We've had a few this winter but now I think it's going to be sunny for a long long time.

Have a good time spinng at the museum!

By Blogger Larry, at 9:49 AM  

Oh, we had some wonderfully spooky weather on our weekend trip to Maryland, too. It was great fun, but I was also glad we were safely tucked away inside instead of fighting to do anything outside.

I'm about ready for spring, but I think we still have a few more muddy weeks ahead.

If anyone can explain why were got pale (almost cream, actually, if I'm being completely honest) carpet in a house in a county with ORANGE clay where dirt should be, I'd be happy to hear it. :-)

By Blogger Nerdy Knitter, at 9:16 PM  

Puddles with whitecaps -- what an image. :)

That Shetland sample looks like some beautiful fine spinning!

By Blogger cathy, at 1:09 AM  

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Sunday, March 09, 2008  

We got weather. Oh my we got it!

I love extreme weather – I'm always glad to feel the enormity of nature – so yesterday certainly was a glad day. First off, it was the second day of heavy rain. We've been dry for a long time, just over a year now, and I dread going into the drought season knowing the ground is already dry. Day long soaky rains are deeply needed – I can hope we get at least another one this month ... but, what say in about 2 weeks, not right away.

The rain came down so hard it not only blew in under the front door but under the side opening where (someday) I'll have the French doors into my studio. Once the rain was gone there was wind. Or mayhap I could say WIND.

You know it's windy when even the puddles have whitecaps. It was so windy I was actually a little afraid out in the yard, stirring up the leaves so they'd be blown away, and when I went out to feed the dogs a little later. I let them all back indoors once they were done because they were as uneasy as I was, out in there in all that Nature. We got so much wind the power eventually went off, but only for 45 minutes and even that was before real darkness set in. We didn't have to have a candlelight dinner, or read by lantern at the kitchen table. (metaphor – we don't have a kitchen table)

What I really noticed was how GREEN everything has suddenly become. March green is the most welcome of all, though May runs a close second. Nothing makes my heart sing, my body thrum, like the gigantic movement of winter into spring. I like winter. I like the snuggle up, hunker down, shut-it-out cuddlesomeness of winter. I haven't grown weary of winter in 20 years. When I know spring is on its way, I'm a little blue – because I still have, left over from childhood, that sense that if it's sunny outside, I should be out there, not indoors, knitting or spinning or reading a book or daydreaming. The end of February tends to pinch me a little, taunting me that in Virginia, spring really begins March 1, not March 21. But once it actually kicks in – that vibrant wild energy filled time of year – I really do like spring, second best to autumn.

Today I demonstrate spinning at the local museum. Isn't it a good thing I have been practicing, hmmm? Still not quite completely satisfied with how the neppy oatmeal wool is turning out but not exactly unhappy enough to reject it.

I did find some simply perfect Shetland top just begging to become a Shetland shawl. One of these days – when I have an empty bobbin.

posted by Bess | 8:36 AM