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Friday, March 21, 2008  

Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes and good juju. BD is doing well and we're off again today to visit doctors. I'll work on Birthday Socks while we linger in waiting rooms. This will be a short trip (we think) to the city, but afterwards we're going to prowl around some bookstores and I must stop at an office supply store. And then it is The Weekend!!

This week's task from the Creativity Jar is to “CREAT OR COPY A CHARTED DRAGON YOU CAN KNIT”. I never was much of a speller but I believe I can create a charted dragon. I have a wonderful Dover coloring book of dragons – all line drawings, since you are supposed to fill in the color. I'm going to copy knitters graph paper onto one of those mylar sheets you use with an overhead projector and let that be my charting guide.

I have to confess, I tend to cheat with the jar – paw through it and pick the activity that spurs my imagination and energy rather than to obey the whims of chance. Besides, most of the activities are knitting or spinning and I'm full up on knitting and spinning projects. The BFL is slowly filling bobbins and the socks are inching their way towards gift wrap. But I want to make some more of those cabled clutch purses – at least one for me in the lime green Knitpicks cotlin and one for a sample, in the shiny Beroco cotton/rayon blend. That one is a Bloomkitty Blue but I need daylight to capture the true color. Maybe I'll get a photo up of that this weekend. I'm hoping this yarn will give me the dressy look I want, without looking like a sweater.

Now it's off to the city!

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