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Whatever happens to strike my fancy, but surely some sort of fiber content.


Oh, Bess! I know it comes down to choices, and I've currently chosen to stitch rather than to practice my spinning...but one of these days! For I know that it was discipline and practice that got your hands and feet to produce that lovely yarn. :-)


By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 9:14 AM  

I am thoroughly enjoying this spinning jag you're on! I'm glad the Murphy's oil soap washdown seemed to do the trick for your wheel. And I must chuckle that like me, you've got a lot of fiber in one particular color family. The other day I wanted some orange-ish colored fiber to spin on one of my spindles and opened up my little tub of fiber and all I saw was teal (!), (and the occasional green, purple, white or natural brown). We like what we like, don't we?! :-)

Regarding that green top -- I believe I have read/heard that for top and for long, crimpless fibers like alpaca, that spinning from the fold is one recommendation. I've yet to try that myself on the spindle, but I did pick up a little llama roving yesterday with my new spindle, so may give that method a try....

Keep on spinning! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 7:17 AM  

You're an inspiring lady, Bess dear! I have an empty bobbin and an angora blend near Fiona... hmmmm.....

By Blogger Amie, at 7:26 AM  

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Monday, March 03, 2008  

I washed HeyBaby down with oil soap, then gave her a general tune-up – tightening screws and oiling everything that likes oil, soaping the bits that like to be soaped instead – (wood on wood). She felt so much better and the rest of the day she whirred and purred, and never squealed. I experimented around with the drive bands too – I keep two on her – one, a short circle of rather thick cotton for using the smaller whorl and the long linen band she came with, which I tied to fit the double drive option. I've hardly ever spun with the Elizabeth set up for double drive and I don't remember anything I've read about it, but I thought I'd give it a (erm. Excuse the pun) whirl. Or better yet - two whirls. I see I'll have to go back and read more about double drive spinning. I couldn't get the take up tension right and after a while the bobbin stopped winding on at all. I got only about 60 yards of the gold colored Cotswold/CVM.

Next I loaded the shorter band onto the smaller whorl, went back to scotch tension and spun this lovely brown stuff.

Obviously the hands are getting their groove back.

I confess. I don't have a clue what this fiber is. I have so much brown roving and it's all nice – I have CVM, a low grade of merino, a higher grade of merino that was processed too roughly so it's full of neps, and some brown wool roving. All brown. All chocolate brown. All similar in color but definitely not interchangeable. This one though, wants to behave nicely so it's what I shall use. And yes yes yes. Agimw – I will label bags of fiber from now on.

I'm not sure how the dark red and the dark brown will look together so I pulled out a wee bit of oatmeal CVM, but it's not really a great match. The green merino/tencil top is the best color match for the two blended colors but it's prepared as top which demands a really different kind of spinning – and one I'm not so great with. I am seriously thinking of carding some up into rolags.

Momentary pause while I give that a try.

Well – we shall have to see – First I have to finish the bobbin of brown and the rest of the gold and then I'll knit a bit with those 3 colors and then I'll decide.

I will be thinking of spinning projects all day.

posted by Bess | 6:09 AM