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Sunday, March 23, 2008  

Happy Easter to you all.

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Whew! It's after 5 on Sunday and I haven't blogged yet! This weekend got away from me big time. I'll have to see if I can scrounge around and find someone else to blame for this long silence.

There's housework, of course. The house had slid into pitdom and couldn't go another day without serious attention. But I can't blame anyone but me for that since I didn't clean house last weekend and 4 dogs plus a King in a Castle in the Country can't go more than 2 weeks unattended.

And then there was a wedding shower for a local bride from down on the flats – where every guest except two were family or family to be. This was a sweet event full of sweet women. I am not being sarcastic here – or denigrating. This was the real thing. Sweet women who have had ups and downs and intrigues and all the rest – but they're still sweet. So was the English Tea, complete with scones and raspberries and a cheesecake that tasted like the top half was mostly butter, while the bottom half was all chocolate.

And shopping. I don't have a single spring colored thing that is fit for this cold spring we're having. I have hot weather spring colors and cold weather winter colors but no cold weather spring colors. I just can't bear to wear rust or dark brown tops for one more day. Two lightweight cotton blend tops in leaf green and a medium azalea pink that can serve as either blouses or as jackets – with a bit of a swing cut to the back - and two complimentary tank tops did the trick.

And today there was a Project that I had to do. I didn't want to do it and I had to do it and BD made me do it and I sulked and crabbed and glowered like the 9 year old brat I felt like – but I got it done. There is only taxes left to do in that category. If I could get that done by Friday I would be ready to celebrate.

But there are some chatty bits of news in my life. For one thing, BD can now see movement through that newly lensed eye. And when we were in Richmond on Friday I found a reward for being such a Good Girl. We strolled down Carytown (from Malvern to the Byrd Theater is 1 mile) and stopped in the Chop Suey II boostore where I made a bee line to the knitting books. They had a nice little shelf of maybe a dozen books. I sat on the floor, pulled out a volume and opened up to this!

Yep. The very day after I pull the Dragon Charting project out of the Creativity Jar I find ... Charted dragons!

There were two books, both from Rowan, both from 1991, the hey day of British intarsia knitting. Kim Hargreaves and Annabell Fox – both classic British designers.
The books were priced right, at the bottom of the Internet used book market prices. This was, and still is, my favorite of all the knitted look and here is a wealth of inspiration for me to play with. Yes. They both had dragons in them. Yes. They came home with me.

As for my own knitting, I'm working down the foot of birthday sock #2. In fact – I still have a little daylight left. I think I'll sign off now and go knit a bit.

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