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hey i have a few of those books!
i got the lace book and the ribbon book, i can't see the others

you'll master that lace bess......
there isn't much you can't master
and after all....lace is just yo and decreases
(then join me in that kal for morocco.....)

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Friday, February 15, 2008  

Yesterday MsHoroscope warned me not to let work overwhelm romance – heck – it's even been overwhelming my blogging. The BigProjecct that I knew was going to subsume creativity, energy and time is in its early stages and we held our first meeting about it yesterday. And it did run over by 45 minutes, but it was a good meeting – everyone was engaged, participating, glad to get down to work.

We're going to overhaul all things technological at the library, from hardware to integrated library system, peripherals, Internet access – the whole shebang. There is a lot of inventorying to do, a lot of product analysis, a whole lot of planning – and eventually, some serious shopping. It's fun, but it's also scary – and involving a committee means that, for me to get what I want, I have to really know what I want and really really want it, so that I can convince the members to agree with me. Of course, having them means they bring different insights and thoughts and opinions into the discussion so that all sorts of things I might have missed, or overlooked, or forgotten, get brought up – which is why I asked them to help me to begin with. As this week progressed and I began to grow anxious about my own preparation and to doubt what the heck I was starting, I just lost the ability to do anything else well. I'm sure that's why I screwed up the sweater sleeve knitting on Tuesday.

ENFP moment here ... Thank you, Kucki68, for the great tip about pinning the sleeves together – it's so smart I think I'll give the 2 sleeves at once thing a second try!

This is a major effort that is in addition to the ordinary library day, so I'm sure there will be times when I'll be distracted by things technological, that I will cram for them, much the way we crammed for tests in high school – not learning, but remembering just enough of the buzzwords that we could fool the teacher into giving us a B. Originally I thought this process would take about 4 months, maybe 5 but, as is the way with the world, OtherThings from the outside, this time good things that involve more $, have laid a claim on the time frame and now it won't be finished till the fall. Happily, we will be so far ahead of the game by starting our work now, that we really will be finished by the fall, instead of sort of just starting up.

But, though werk came before play yesterday, there was sweet play afterwards. I'd promised BD a special valentines dinner (salmon stuffed with shrimp) and we had the cutest old movie to watch afterwards – Three Smart Girls staring Deana Durbin. And a good glass of wine, and the littlest box of chocolates, with only 3 pieces in it. It was a perfect Valentine day.

This morning the Creativity Jar offered up this activity.

True to the purpose of the Creativity Jar, it doesn't have to be Indian cuisine. I can make it any ethnic meal I want – I just put down Indian because at the time I made the list that was as far from the traditional Christmas Dinner as I could imagine with any hope of finding the ingredients needed at our local WalMart. I'll go through the cookbooks at the library this morning and pick out something different and challenging, but still possible, to cook this week.

This was a fortunate pick since I haven't been doing too well with the design-a-sweater activities. I do have a few ideas – but they're not on paper yet – just floating about in my brain. I'll try to sketch them out this weekend – a lovely 3 day one – and if I'm pleased with them once they're on paper, I'll share them here. They don't have to be good, you must know – they are intended to stretch my brain, not impress the world.

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