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Do they still print Norton's Anthology??? I remember those from college lit class. I wish I hadn't given it away.

A painted warp comes to mind when I see that talking teal bird. I would love a painted warp, tencel would be fine. Heh.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

The New Moon eclipse today brings you opportunities to make changes regarding your health and daily routines. The key to both is to be 'regular' - ie: draw up a timetable and stick to it.
The Full Moon eclipse on February 21 promises you're being singled out by the heavens for special attention. Worry less about others and use February to get very clear on what you want for yourself. It's your turn.

For my Virgo Sisters - let us be healthy and selfish!

(Where are those smiley ikons when I need them?!?)

I'll have to get up in the wee dawn of tomorrow and drive to the city with BD who has to see doctors. Perhaps he's the one that needs the eclipse in his health stars. For sure there will be no time to post in the morning.

I must confess - I never did fulfill the Creativity Jar activity this week. Several things conspired to prevent me:

Bandaged finger all last week -blue, crabby, clumsy and bad tempered all weekend
Lots of anthologies and Norton publications, but not the book I was intending to use - academic publishing can fool you
I was inspired by another book and may still have an literary pattern to share anyway - just not from the directed source.
Very fractured and unfocused. Didn't settle down to real productivity till today

So - I will put that slip of paper back into the jar and draw something different tomorrow. Remember - this is supposed to be fun first, and everything else is a bonus.


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