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It's going to be 85 here today, and my unfinished wool sweaters are not calling to me, but the garden center IS - must spruce up the dead planting areas and put down fresh mulch, and weed.

I'll be casting on something light this week, I think. Possibly a tank.

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Love Daphnes and Viburnums. I've killed a couple of Daphnes, but I have a Viburnum that is tough as nails -- still young, though. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden has some gorgeous Viburnums, and there's a fantastic snowball Viburnum outside the door of the business school building at VCU. I, too, am usually not in any hurry for spring, but thoughts of yummy-smelly flowers might hasten those feelings. :-)

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

The mornings are so much brighter when I get up these days. You can tell the earth is tilting its face back towards the sun. Often, February brings us a spell of unseasonably warm weather to remind us that we really are in the south, even if we think we ought to get some snow between Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. We actually might get some snow yet. One of the prettiest, thickest, deepest snowfalls I remember fell on a cozy March Saturday back in the late 1970's. But hope begins to wane as the days slip by and today's promised high of 73 degrees will turn our thoughts to springtime and flowers and the sweet scent of Daphnes
and viburnums.

These flowers smell a lot like hyacinths but they grow on shrubs. The viburnum that I love the best is the Viburnum x burkwoodii which I discovered growing in the parking lot of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. For several years in the 1990's we went there on our April wedding anniversary and it was always in bloom, always perfuming the shaded grounds. Its scent became intertwined with happy anniversary expectations till I finally planted 4 of them in my own garden. I've let my poor garden go to such wrack and ruin that one is seldom tempted to venture down the paths any more, but in early spring, that clear fresh perfume beckons and the viburnum path is still open enough for you to sit on the bench in the dappled light and imagine you are in some exotic place without a care in the world.

My. Who would have thought I'd betray the last of my snow dreams for thoughts of April and flowers and short sleeves. And me a knitter!

No progress on the Milan sweater yesterday. I spent it with family, driving around Richmond doing a chore or two for Dad, having lunch with sister – and of course, stopping by a couple of knitting shops. But I see there is another hour before I must start my work day – I think I'll go knit a spell.

Happy Stitches Out of the Finger Day to TheQueen.

And Happy Tuesday to you!

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