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So sorry about the ripping out of the lace -- it was very pretty. But I love that with knitting, all you've lost is a little time -- the yarn is still available for another use. Not so with cooking or sewing -- once those ingredients have been physically or chemically altered, there's no turning back. Here's hoping you aren't discouraged by the process. It was just a swatch, just a swatch, just a swatch. :-)

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Oh, I love curries so very much.

I may just have to treat myself this weekend (it was a rough day today).

Mercury or whoever is in retrograde better get the heck out of it, because everywhere I go really obnoxious things are going on.

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Friday, February 22, 2008  

Lawsee – I don't know what has come over me these days but I just haven't been inspired to write down anything. Sometimes the literary flow is stopped by true lack of time, or travel, or guests; real life things that rank higher than finding self expression in wordplay. Other times, though, little nagging issues just sap the will to share, most especially with myself - for blogging demands the truth.

Not necessarily all the truth, mind you, nor truths that I share with other people. Admittedly, I prefer to keep a record of the Good Things in my life, and to push the bad stuff behind me as fast as I can. And now and then there are monumental types of bad things that have a place on a blog. In fact, it's never the Big Things that trip me up – or halt my endless flow of words. It's those naggy, pissy, irritating things, those slightly shameful because they're so insignificant things that can just sit on my shoulder like bad crows and dry up my loquacity.

Things like (“Ah ha!” you say. “She's going to whine now”) a funny little email about the bleeding hearts pattern that just sucked the energy out of my lace knitting efforts. It shouldn't have, because it was informative, not critical, but I'd been struggling with that durn pattern so much already that I just set it down, and when I picked it up last night, the stitches had reproduced in some bizarre fashion, not mathematically logical, just randomly increasing along the needles. I am going to rip that stupid thing out and do something else with the beautiful blue silk. I bet it wants to be crochetted.

There are other issues – like the ___ty pounds I put back on and haven't lost yet, except for the 5 that I keep reeling back to me every time they slide away.

And the checkbook register that is screwed up, easy to fix, but still unbalanced, all these months after Christmas.

Or that issue with my neck and left arm that no doctor seems to be able to diagnose.

Or the boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff from my parents house that I still have to go through.

And here's the rub – here's why I'm going to blame this all on the eclipse and stars and planetary line-ups. I've cleared away a LOT of those boxes. I've shipped some off to one sister, left some for another sister to pick up when she visits in a few weeks. Real progress has been made. Of course, the real size of the job has also been brought into sharp focus, but truly – I could be celebrating how glad I am to have cleared away an enormous pile of stuff. I should be.

I suspect what I need is a down time, veg-out, no responsibilities vacation – and I just don't know how to wangle it right now.

Okay – enough whining.

This week the Creativity Jar wants me to

Knit 2 Nicky Epstein flowers.

This is good because I already did knit some and got over my Fear of Flower knitting. I have her first book with flower designs in it - Knitted Embellishments. I have lots of odd bits of yarn, some novelty, some sock yarn, some just ordinary yarn - but be sure, there is lots of green for leaves and i-cord stems.

Last week's adventure into Indian cooking involved stopping at the good organic food store in Richmond to get some of the more unusual spices. The resulting dining experience was transportingly good. I used the basic curry recipe out of this book:

This was such a hit I am prowling the used book markets for my own copy of the book. I can't wait to try more curry recipes.

So. May your weekend be creative.

posted by Bess | 7:12 AM