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Love the Canterbury Bells blossom. What are you planning to do with the flowers when your little friend moves on to another hat? A cluster of them might be really pretty decorating a grown-up-sized hat. :)

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Monday, February 25, 2008  

I've moved the link to MrJamestown on National Geographic over to the sidebar.

La – I hate to see the weekends come to an end. They are just too sweet, too cozy, and too much fun. This was an all knitting weekend – I didn't do much of anything else I had to do and I had a different knitting project for every room in the house – excepting the kitchen. There were teal blue sleeves – there is only binding off to do on them – no photos because really now – blobs of teal blue stockinette are not worth photographing.

But there were also socks – which you saw yesterday – turned heel on sock #1

And Nicky Epstein knitted flowers!

This is leftover sock yarn – It's the one she calls Canterbury bells. It turned out bigger than I thought it would.

This is Patons Brilliance – and I had to use it double and I'm still not sure I'm all that fond of it. You really do need a yarn with a lot of resistance so those loops puff out a bit – or you need very thin slippery stuff used in multiple strands.

These really are fun to make. The Bird family approves.

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