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Beautiful photos! Looks like an idyllic day, bright and peaceful.

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Monday, February 04, 2008  

I'm off today at Crack-0-Dawn to help sister do some family bookkeeping for our folks. We are all so far away from this time last year! Whew! Somehow driving to the city always seems a good enough excuse to have a Day Off – which I shall.

Yesterday was very mild and I went down to the pier to have my lunch. I had lots of company. Priss and Scamp (new dog – used to be LD's) love to play in the mud and water, but Jack takes his job as Mama Guard too seriously to run off like that. The canoe was full of water and I took half a dozen photos trying to capture the droplets flying through the air as I bailed, without getting the camera or my bandaged finger wet.

Success at last.

Don't you get any of that stuff on me!

Girl dogs scampering off to play. Priss is the dot just to the left of center – eventually they swam across the creek to explore.

Still no photographs of the Milan sweater – just some more inches of teal blue stockinette sleeves. Maybe next week.

Woops. Time to go.

posted by Bess | 5:29 AM