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Ah yes! Fridays off! Well, I shouldn't complain...I don't always work full days anyway. Today it was 9 a.m. to 1 p.m....then help prep for a wedding reception. Yep, a wedding at 7 p.m. tonight at our church, and a finger food reception afterward in the hall. Happy Leap Year!

Now, for Little Joy is much neglected too. Part of the problem is a comfortable chair. What do you use?


By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 6:22 PM  

You acquired some pretty fiber yesterday! And how timely -- I was just thinking about Jennifer and Spirit Trail and the silk sliver I bought from her at KRR '06, and which spindle I might try spinning it on....

Hope your workday Saturday is short and sweet!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:08 AM  

Wow, those colors will be gorgeous together!

By Blogger cathy, at 12:01 PM  

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Friday, February 29, 2008  

I have this sweet stolen day at home all to myself. It's not really stolen, of course, I have to work tomorrow. But it feels that way because I have the house to myself today and I have been doing Fun Things. This is my second day out of the office this week, for I had to visit a library in Rappahannock County yesterday – a treat for me because this flatlander had the chance to come up over a little rise in the highway and look what I found!

Yes. Mountains. I had intended to do something of a photo essay about the day but I really was there for work and never got around to taking a picture of the charming little library or it's million dollar vista. What I did, instead, was swing by Sperryville at lunchtime and visit with J and her Spirit Trail Fibers – in her magic wood sprite house, where, again I never did get around to even asking if I could take pictures. Instead I had a look at her new colorways, her new yarns, and her fabulous fibers.

While I was there the UPS man drove up and he had MoreFibers back from the processors – and J gave me a handful of each. I knew then exactly which slip of paper I wanted to pull out of the Creativity Jar last night.
Shucks. I really need to do a better job photographying these things. It says "Empty a bobbin and fill it full of a New Fiber."

Yep. And so I have unwound the bobbin of sock yarn I was spinning.

Pulled out the fabulous fibers – CVM/Cotswold cross

and this marvelous merino I got last fall at the Montpelier Fiber Festival.

And I am spinning. I haven't spun on HeyBaby in months and months and she is suffering from the neglect – and dry heat of winter – she's mighty loose. My technique is suffering as well.
I'm doing a fast fake long draw and I plan to spin everything up as quickly as I can. I want to do some stranded colorwork with these three yarns. Perhaps, at last, I shall have a pair of fingerless mitts for myself.

Oh for every Friday off – oh my wouldn't that just be splendid?

posted by Bess | 4:32 PM