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Love me some cables! Looking forward to the big reveal. :-)

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Friday, February 08, 2008  

Bird Thoughts

When last week I seriously cut my finger (folks have asked – the short answer is ... I spanked a nail.) and got all gloomy about it and couldn't hold a pencil or pen or knit or be nice to anybody
I couldn't find our Norton's Anthology
I was actually inspired by something else I was reading, (And of course, Put It Back In Alphabetical Order Virgo TheQueen wouldn't let herself just go ahead and write down this design! La I am so predictable!!)

I decided to put that slip back in the jar for another time, pull out something for this week, and get to my other knitting – some of which has a bit of a deadline on it.

So. What do I pick out? Indulging the mythical thought that everyone wants to know, the creativity jar provided these instructions:

"Select a photo from Smithsonian Magazine and design a project inspired by it."

Sounds so impressive doesn't it? But remember! It didn't say Design a prize winning, show stopping, blue ribbon project. Just a project. I have to constantly keep reminding myself that this is supposed to be fun. Not something that produces guilty feelings of inadequacy. It's supposed to apply just enough discipline to get me to do some of the things I think of doing – I want to do – I talk about doing. It's not supposed to turn every one of those things I want to do into a scolding finger wagging under my nose.

My first reaction was “Ack! I don't have time to be creative this week” and to toss the slip back into the jar. Only. The next thing I picked out was “Knit socks for Ed”, which I ought to do, and all, but, I have LOTS of other knitting clamoring for attention, including the above mentioned deadlineish project. Plus – I'm not sure I have any sock yarn I want to give to him. I mean, I love to give him things, but all my sock yarn has my name on it – or someone else's. So I'd have to buy more yarn, which I could do, but which would cut into the 2 weeks of knitting time I allow for this, and besides, I've spent all my play money for February, and besides. I don't want to start another project even if it is socks. I have completitis, not startitis, right now.


So I shall see what I can come up with in the inspiration part of my brain, and I will jot down the real creativity project I came up with last week too.

What? You want to know what the deadlineish project is? Here is a sneak peak.

posted by Bess | 7:00 AM