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Thank ya kindly, Miss Bess! You make my day every time I get to read your stream-of-consciousness on the blog! :-)

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You make my day by being in the world, love.

I've seen the "salt crust" thing done for several meats/fish/poultry. Everyone raves about it, but I haven't done it yet... yet....

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Sunday, February 10, 2008  

About that avatar ... Not only is it a she, it's supposed to be one suffering from avoirdupois! And Jack is off chasing squirrels, I am sure. I think this meez is fun, but I only fiddle around with the free stuff.

As for the prime rib cooked in a crust of rock salt, I can only say

Oh My Goodness. Oh. My.

It's as simple as can be to cook. You just take that enormous hunk of beef - a boned rib roast - and literally pack it all over with rock salt - the sort you make ice cream with, though if you can find the smaller crystals it's best. I could only get the big chunk size - and do NOT use Kosher Salt, for its crystals are way too small. The rock salt is too big and hard to melt into the meat, but instead forms a crust around it, sealing in much more juice than dry roasting. The fat will drip off and remain unsalty, so you can use it to make your Yorkshire pudding, but you will have the sweetest, melt in your mouth tender, prime rib you have ever tasted. I will only ever cook it this way from now on.

I made somebody's day and she was kind enough to say so. I am embarrassed to have dawdled so long about responding to this meme but I shan't wait another day. Here, in alphabetical order, like a good librarian does, are some of the folks who make my day.

Bossy Little Dog - Catherine and I have had so many parallel experiences we think we are long lost twins – separated by some 6 or 7 years. She's a Cancer and I'm a Virgo but when it comes to life coincidences, we are straight out of the twilight zone.

Few Sheep Shy of a Farm – Well, really I just log on hoping to see more photos of the munchkin – cute enough to smother in kisses – but don't miss all the fiber links on this blog

Fillyjonk's Progress – Another cybersister, Erica opens up with some serious thoughts coupled with some of the most whimsical knitted toys & animals.

Knit Dad – Here is the stash I would love to spend a week with, owned by one of the dearest of people with an enormous .

Knitters Review – it's not a blog but it is how we all met – and it's also where Missy Clara is likely to be every day, since it's her baby and she takes good care of it.

KnittingSister – Real life friend, phenomenal knitter, and someone you want in your corner when things get tough.

Mary's Virgin Wool - We share more than a love for fiber'n'flowers'n'folk art schools, we share an alma mater!
No Idle Hands - My Canadian Virgo Sister who also quilts and embroiders.
Rose by Any - She understands about dogs - about how vital and important they are - about how you really should move over and make room for them up on the big bed.
Spirit Trail - My bud, who gets me in behind the scenes at fiber festivals. We've taken trips, taken classes and taken the long way home through the woods even.
Yarn's the Word – Proof that there is real knitting in the south – and llamas, and parrots, and studios and master spinning.
Well, the trouble with a list like this is I could just go on and on - I don't even have all my favorites listed on the sidebar yet. I would call this a smattering of the folk who make my day - and I thank you all.

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