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I adore this idea. I am going to send it to my siblings. :-)

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Something that flitted across my mind,and then disappeared, and then re-appeared, is;
How do you come up with the ideas on the little slips of paper?
(The first slightly off-beat idea that really just now popped into my head was, "Make a snow angel." I think I'd better go do that tonight - we're supposed to get rain.)

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Friday, January 04, 2008  

When we were building the new library building a lovely group of sibblings contributed a vast amount of money to have the children's room named after their parents, both of whom were passionate readers who'd raised their children to love and revere books. The following Christmas, the family devised a most splendid way to continue giving to the library, to honor their parents, and to keep close to each other even as the family expanded out across the country. One brother coordinates the project and each year in October he asks me for a list of about 30 children's books I want to add to the library. Each family member contributes $25 and the name of a person he wants to honor or memorialize with the gift, to the children's room, of a new book. This brother then makes up a bookplate naming the person for whom the book was donated. When the family gets together sometime during the Christmas season, they open up the box of books and each person tells the gathering a little something about the person he selected that year, to remember or to honor. I believe that even if some of them aren't able to be there, they send a letter explaining who was selected and why.

This beautiful ceremony has done much to keep a big family close. I know one brother has told me that he learned things about his sons he'd never heard, even though they were living right there with him. I love being a part of this special tradition and spend more careful time over that list of books than any other books I select for the library. This first week in January, the books are delivered, usually by the wife of one of the brothers. She tells me the story of who chose what for whom and then I get to open up the box of books myself and it is Christmas all over again. Each book somehow looks more magical, more special, more beautiful and full of adventure, promise, excitement, than the one before. For sure, they are all more wonderful looking than the books I purchase, shelf ready, and pop out on display.
These are books that I will lovingly catalog by hand, carefully aligning the book-plates in the front and then gently wrapping them in mylar dust jacket protectors. The picture books I will read as I catalog them, taking my own sweet slow time. The chapter books for older children I will skim and from among them, this year, I will select one to take home to read, because ...
the first colorful little slip of creativity to come out of the Creativity Jar
was this!

Happy and Creative First Friday of 2008 to you.

posted by Bess | 6:05 AM