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Thursday, January 24, 2008  

Still no photos. In fact, last night there was not even any knitting, so if I want to finish up that sock this week I'd better get stitching. Instead I went to exercise class – what was supposed to be a Jazzercize class but turned out to be the toughest aerobics workout I've ever had. Mind now, I'm pretty out of shape, one reason I was determined to go last night, but whew! Mike – the very charming substitute teacher – kept me hopping for 30 minutes and then gave us 30 minutes of upper body weights while sitting on one of those exercise balls. I am feeling it all today. Not the sort of “Ooops. That was a mistake” feelings, but the “Oh my – how did I get so flabby” feelings.

He is on loan from Huntsville Alabama, up here for some extended family business. He also teaches on Tuesdays – which are out of the question days for me. I'm glad he'll be back next week though.

Today is my postponed board meeting and I will be so glad when it's over. It always looms even if the meeting is fun. Once it's over I feel like a giant weekend at work has arrived. Nothing to do but do it, for 3 months.

Lawsee I am dull today. Let us hope for better things, tomorrow. For now, I'm off to knit.

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