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"I'm actually pretty sick of wounded protagonists altogether. "

Amen and amen. One of the reasons I read relatively little "modern" fiction is that so often it seems to be a parade of people who apparently don't understand cause-and-effect: in other words, woman sleeps with her boyfriend's best friend and then wonders why she wound up dumped. (I have next to no romantic experience and I could have seen that one coming a mile away!)

I prefer books where bad things may happen, but instead of DWELLING (or running away), the main character kind of squares his or her shoulders and says, well, what can I do to fix this?

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 8:43 AM  

Yep, I agree! Gimme a 'little grey cells' murder mystery any day. Stuff these days contains too much angst. Movies (if they're not full of blood and guts), even more so. I'm curling up with a good Ian Rankin right now!


By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 10:05 AM  

Give me Jane Austen any day! PBS' Masterpiece Theater (now renamed "Masterpiece") is airing a TON of Jane Austen programs every Sunday night for the next month (at least). I'm in heaven. This past Sunday was a version of Persuasion I'd not seen. Oh, and last week they showed a little Bronte' -- Jane Eyre. Sigh....

By Blogger Mary, at 4:30 PM  

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008  

My crowded busy week suddenly became a little less busy by smashing all the TTD of this week into next week's truncated few days. So – the wise good girl will do all of next week's ordinary chores this week, right? Or she might dawdle and fritter – but we will hope she doesn't. We will encourage her to budget time and resources and be Wise and Efficient.

Socks are being knit. A sweater is being knit. Books are being read – Under the Tuscan Sun – which is our book club book – and which I have been slow to pick up because I started to watch the movie, barfed and shipped it back to from whence it came. Happily, the book is starting out much more poetically and, I suspect, with far less of an agenda about how taking sledge hammer to multi-hundred-year-old European house can soothe the pains of a bad divorce. Let us hope that my first impression holds – because I am really sicksicksick of stories about wounded women finding sisterhood by playing the fool for European peasants. I'm actually pretty sick of wounded protagonists altogether. I don't feel the bond of sisterhood when I read about fictional character's troubles. Sigh. I am such a curmudgeon about fiction altogether. Give me a nice lusty historical romance or a good murder mystery – but these triumph through sisterhood books – no thanks.


Well. There. Obviously I haven't much to say today – I think I'll go knit.

posted by Bess | 7:45 AM