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Such a wise color choice you've made. ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 8:19 AM  

Bess, a very happy and creative new year to you! The GAAA square you finished is one of my favorites. Are you doing all 24 squares? In a several years, I've knit 10 and only have yarn for about 12 with the idea that I would buy yarn as I finished each square, which didn't happen as quickly as I'd originally planned. Your yarn sounds scrumptious! I also love your idea of the creativity jar.

By Blogger erica, at 9:36 AM  

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Monday, January 07, 2008  

Make the most of your mental freedom! That might sound like a funny thing to say but Mercury is now at the end of his latest visit to your Fifth House Of Fun - in theory, you should have been able to let your hair down mentally (so to speak!) over the past few weeks. Having fun was easier. Finding the time to take time out should have been a breeze. Expressing yourself and your inner child is still possible - but do it while you can, because in the very near future, Mercury will be making sure you focus on far more mundane matters.

This is from MsHoroscope and she is exactly right – I have had the most delicious few weeks of almost effortless days, with time aplenty to indulge in my hobbies, pleasures and delights. It isn't that I expect to be delight-less over the next span of time – a few weeks, I'm sure, not more, since Mercury moves about the sky so swiftly – but I know I have some WerkToDooooo. I really must start it today, in fact. I am indulging this morning with this blog post because I can still feel the breeze of Mercury's passing. By early afternoon I will be nose-to-the-grindstone active.

This glorious weekend, though, starting out with winter white skies, ending up sunshine blue and gold with gorgeous sunsets -
I allowed myself to savor as a sort of holiday sunset. The house was still holding on to its post-Christmas tree sheen so all I did was a little sweeping. Next weekend there will be dusting and vacuuming to do but I could let it slide this time. Instead I spent my time reading, writing, and knitting.


Proof there is knitting at TheCastle.

I've got the completed GAAA square drying on towels up in the bathroom – NOT a great place for taking photographs. I will have one tomorrow. I shan't get another skein of beautiful silky-soft cashmere until February – which is good for my pocketbook and also good for Other Knitting. My January project is this:

Milan, from Dolce Handknits – the designer's last name is Dolce ... isn't that sweet? How wonderful to have a useful name. I bought the pattern in Newburgh, IN at The Village Knitter – a darling store only one block from LD's apartment. I'm using some 6 year old stash, Brown Sheep Handpaint solid called Peacock (yes M, your favorite color) but I'm knitting the spur stitch band in the front with Brown Sheep Handpaint in English Garden. (see swatch)

I also didn't care for the hems on body and sleeves. I saw this sweater at the shop, knit up in the same Brown Sheep yarn, and they were just too thick for me. I decided to put that spur stitch along the edges instead and I'm very pleased with that. It lies flat enough for me.

I also don't care for the rolled edging on the portrait collar. I'm not even sure I can wear a portrait collar because I'm sort of bulky around shoulder and sternum and tend to look like those women from the oughts – the 1900's, that is - who pinned starched ruffles to their chests to give them the pouter pigeon look – - minus the corseted wasp waist. Not in style these days. The last thing I need is a big collar flying up from the bustline runway. If I actually knit a big portrait collar (what about a nice narrow one?) I'll edge it, too, in that spur stitch- or maybe knit the whole thing in it, for a flatter lay.

But that's a good ways off. I'm still doing row after row of stockinette. Lovely mindless relaxing rows of all knits and all purls. My needles are pointy tipped rosewood needles I picked up at a vendor at the 2006 KRRetreat. I don't remember who made them – not lantern moon – or who sold them to me, but they're nice to knit with and I'm moving along swiftly – about half way up the back.

And so. Something mindless and easy to pick up when I take a break from Werkin'Harrrrrd. Something soothing and relaxing and well, teal blue.


posted by Bess | 5:59 AM