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The square is scrumptious, especially after blocking. You're tempting me to join that club!

I've knit with Lion Brand cashmere blend, which was quite nice. I wouldn't call it bulky, though -- I think it was worsted weight.

I've not heard of a cashmere bra, but I've seen an angora lingerie set on display at a couple of the fiber festivals. Can you imagine?

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008  

Happy happy Tuesday. This is the second Tuesday of the month so it's knitting night for me and this month I have Things To Show. First is my all but completed Great American Aran Afghan square ... just have to weave in the ends. I blocked it right away because I couldn't wait to see how it looked all nice and flat.

It looks flat, of course. And it is soft as a feather and pure joy to touch. I love fondling it and will have to be careful to keep it clean. I'm also wondering just how to store something that will be part of a 4 year or more, on-going project. I've been looking at archival boxes on-line, and at herbal moth treatments – because you are not supposed to store cashmere in plastic and I live in the Land-0-Moths in a house full of leaks. But my goodness – I like this yarn.

Cashmere is a new yarn for me. I've knit with blends before and thoroughly enjoyed them. But 100% is a new experience. When I wound this yarn into a ball, using my winder, I tried so hard to not stretch it that the yarn slipped off the ball and just became a tangle. Not a serious tangle, but certainly nothing I could knit from. I rewound it twice more, the last time sort of tensioning it with my fingers, and as it slid through that pinch of thumb and index finger, tiny little fuzz collected inside that pinch. I worried, then, that the yarn would collapse or pill or otherwise wear while being knit, but it didn't. Nor did it leave fuzz on my clothes or the needles. This is a good quality blend of long and short cashmere fibers.

It's also a DK weight. I live in the south, you must remember. I don't care much for bulky yarn to begin with, but I'm certainly not tempted by bulky cashmere. (think - that nice feeling Lion Brand or any higher-end blend) If I'm going to spend all that $$ on cashmere, by golly, I better be able to wear it without fainting from the heat. I was mighty glad to get to see all three weights of Hunt Valley Cashmere knit into that afghan when I was at their booth in October, so I could see how heavy those blankets felt. I might, otherwise, have ordered the medium weight and been sorry for it.

Of course, the real question is ... will I ever finish this thing? 24 squares knit one square every other month means it will be 4 years before it's done – IF I remain faithful to it. But then – there's nothing that says I can't just order up a couple of skeins sometime when I'm feeling flush and ambitious, and knit up a bunch of these squares. This one took about a week and a half – but I was knitting other things too.

Well. I am not obliged to make all 24 squares. I'm not really obliged to do anything at all. We shall just see what happens. The process is such a pleasure I will enjoy it no matter what. But I know this – sooner or later I'm going to have to have enough of this lovely yarn to knit myself a sweater. I am so longing to wear this all around my skin. I am seeing a cabled sweater but ooo a lacy cardigan would be fun too. Oh my. Am I going to become addicted to cashmere garments? How about a cashmere bra? Ahhhh. Delight!

Oh. Yes. Where was I?
Yes. Also to share this week at my knitting group will be teal blue stockinette. Who knows? I may be at the armhole bindoffs if I log off and start knitting. Sounds like a plan.

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