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Sleet & freezing rain falling here. But I desperately need groceries so I may go brave it anyway....

I've heard great things about Rome, so perhaps watching it on DVD is the way to go -- I can fast-forward through the bloody stuff.

By the way, I read (translated) Caesar's Gallic Wars in the original Latin back at our old alma mater....

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Thursday, January 17, 2008  

Dear Mary et al curious about Rome,

It is bloody and it is so far beyond what I would call an R rated show, that while not yet being an X I would be inclined to designate it, hmmm, say ... a T or even a U. But it is so skillfully photographed, so well written, so beautifully acted -even the Violence and Xrated stuff - that I, the Queen of Hiding Behind Her Fingers at the Bad Scary Things can watch all the episodes with equanimity. What is difficult for me is that I so like the sub-plot characters (read here "have movie star crushes on") and their fates are so buffeted by hard blows, that I am sad through a lot of this show. I can't watch two episodes in a row - it's just too sad. But it is also fascinating, so I'm back each evening eager for more. I am also reading Caesar and Christ, by Will Durant, our standby for any history emergency we might have in the middle of the night. And BD pulled his Loeb copy of Caesar's Gaulic Wars off the shelf and read that out loud to me, in the beginning.

The absolutely sordid life of Octavian's mother, as portrayed in the show, may or may not be true - certainly Octavian (btw, Max Pirkis does a stunning job with this role) wasn't lolling around in sybaritic indulgence as a boy – he was, in fact, raised in Spartan Macedonia and towards the end he was fighting in Spain with Julius himself. When Caesar died, he was in an army camp.

Still and all, one can forgive the show's more seamy indulgences because they set a tone that certainly blossomed, the harder Octavian, at last acclaimed emperor, tried to legislate away.

I would give this show 6 stars if there were some percentage greater than 100%. This is a winner all the way around.

Still pressing my nose to the window looking for snow.

posted by Bess | 8:03 AM