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Isn't it amazing how often what we plan and what we do differ almost entirely? The sock I was planning to finish is almost where it was the day before but the scarf I'd been ignoring is almost doubled in length. Errands have been rescheduled for tomorrow instead of yesterday. But I had a long, wonderful day with my daughter.

I have some of that Wildfoote in the same colorway. Now you've distracted me again. Just have to figure out which box of sock yarn it's in.

By Blogger Larry, at 8:10 AM  

The sock looks great! You made great headway on it!

I had a knitterly day on Sunday, too ~ knitting lessons for two friends, and then worked on my shawl. Which is nearly ready to bind off.

Hugs, Jen

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Monday, January 14, 2008  

Are you 'werking' and 'dootying' your way through the
weekend, too? Or will
those socks be finished by Monday? ;-)

Well – turns out I was werkwerkwerkin' through the weekend. In addition to the usual Saturday housecleaning and laundry, there was a literary labor of love that took me away from other planned pursuits. BD is at the point in his latest book where he needs a proof reader. I am always amazed when he asks the queen of dyslexic non-spelling to proof his work – but I also know that a manuscript never hurts from a multiplicity of proof readers. Besides, I am a boat bimbo and a dabbler when it comes to 17th century English and history. I have some knowledge but I'm no expert. If there is something I don't understand, a phrase or an expression, chances are the average customer will struggle with this too. A tweak here or there to please me will, in the long run, be an improvement.
(my isn't she fussy?)

This book is way behind schedule, due to all those eye surgeries he suffered last summer. Time is of the essence, though, since it's a boater's guide (with charts and maps) to John Smith's Bay voyages – which mostly took place in 1608. He wants this thing on the shelves when warm weather arrives so that kayakers, canoeists and boaters can follow along with these epic explorations.

But there was time to cast on those socks – see?

This is Brown Sheep's Wildfoote sock yarn in a handpaint color called Brown Sugar. It's going to take daylight to bring out the rich burgundy/brown of this color - which I will have for you one day soon. I love it – the color and the scrunchy bouncy way the yarn feels when knit into a fabric. It has a different, less stringy feel to it than BS's usual sock yarn. I thought a little chevron stitch would make for an interesting display of those rich colors – and I am pleased with it. Putting in an afterthought heel just because I always knit heel flap heels.

There was also time to rip out a couple of inches of the Milan. I don't do that much flat knitting and I'd made the classic beginner's error of letting the yarn wrap around the needle between a purl and a knit stitch, adding another stitch when I came back down the row. That error has been corrected and I'll try to be a wee bit more careful with this in the future.

So, with reading, cleaning and knitting the weekend slipped away. I never did get a chance to tell you about the wonderful children's book I have almost finished reading.

This is a rich tale that affords opportunities for thought and discussion on several levels. It's certainly full of fairy tale magic – girl fans of Harry Potter ought to like this – boys, I'm not so sure. Of course, Swan Maidens were the first feminists – women who left their husbands and children to go off to work, albeit their work was magical self fulfillment and didn't necessarily bring anything back to the family. Lots of meat here for discussion on several levels. The conclusion is a satisfying balance of commitment and fulfillment – and of course, I like the hero – and I am always going to like a book where the male character is someone I admire.

This is a first novel by author Heather Tomlinson, and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more.

Monday is here, though and I still have one enormous (GINORMOUS) home task left to do before the werkweek rears it's demanding head. Whew. Lots of juggling going on down here in the country.

posted by Bess | 7:00 AM