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Umm, fresh pecans! Except for the work they're always better than store bought. I've been meaning to make a pecan pie but since I'm afraid I'd eat it all myself I've been delaying. Maybe next week I'll make to take to our knitting group. And I won't be cracking nuts anywhere near the computer.

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Friday, December 14, 2007  

Yesterday, the world of technology was not my friend. Everything that could go wrong did, so I backed carefully away from the computers in my life and did manual labor instead. Unfortunately, I left my camera cable at work... no photos. I hope today is better. It's starting out so because last night I found out what was screwing up the shift key - making it so that every time you tried to type a capital letter, you jumped down a line.

It will be a long time before BD cracks nuts around the computer again.

Pecans are falling in town these days. For the slightest effort, maybe 20 minutes, you can walk around town and pick up 2 or 3 pounds of them. They're still a wee bit green - I rather like them that way - they're more buttery - but they don't have quite the pecan flavor they'll have after a week or two inside a kitchen.

This December is proving to be very demanding, sucking my time in the oddest ways. Happily, tomorrow I am home and alone - and I am going to watch Christmas movies all by myself. Hope that gets me more in the mood. Or at least, it fulfills this deep urge to loll about. Happy Friday!

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