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Ahhhhh Bess, I am sorry that you had a sucky day. I sooo envy you being able to pick your own pecans - how does that happen hee in VA??? Pick me a bucket and sent the quick to my house - I won't crack them around the computer, I promise!!!! I think my dear friend, that it is time that you come to visit us here at On The Lamb for an afternoon of knitting or spinning. Play hooky from work and come this Friday the 21st to Finish Friday, bring Hey Baby and spend the afternoon, enjoying some time just for you. Joe and I miss seeing you!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007  

Well. So much for the photography. It took till 2 to get the house clean and then there was the cookie baking and the marmalade starting and then BD came home and it began to rain and I had to drag the damp laundry in off the line and spread it around the living room and ... well ... there you have it.

Let us see if We can do better – later on today.

posted by Bess | 6:24 AM