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Thursday, December 13, 2007  

Well my dears,
I have deep silenceitis – inflammation of my chatter box – and though life is happening in TheCastle, for some reason I don't seem inclined to write about it. Puzzling, I know, but there it is.

There is knitting going on, though, and some spinning too, and a wee bit of photography, which I will share with you today.


I have electricity! It is destroying all my relationships with electronic gadgets. I lost the photos - because the sample adobe photoshop overrode the freebee Kodak EasyShare software and ripped the photos out of my camera and deleted them at the same time. Ratsratsrats.

Still and all, I do have some lovely little merino/silk yarn I'm knitting into a lacy ribbed sock for myself. I bought this yarn at Holly Springs Homespun in Powhatan, VA last spring when I was up taking care of Dad. I always intended to make socks out of it but just didn't get around to it. I popped it into the project bag when we went out to visit LD and all the way home I experimented with 4-stitch lacy ribs. With no stitch dictionary in the car I had to dig into my own mental database of how stitches and lace are created. I had a wonderful time trying this and that. I'd actually thought I'd settled on a rib and completed the cuff when I decided I hated it and ripped it back to use one of the earlier ribs. It was grand fun to see what happened when you tried different ways of twisting stitches around each other and making up for it with YOs.

And what is this (now lost forever ... but it was) hiding behind the downstairs shower curtain? Oh My! It looks like ... yes! It's a beautiful natural dark chocolate brown fleece, all carded into roving by Zeilinger's, that was the final purchase I made at FFF last October. My friendly UPS man brought it last Thursday. I've only had the opportunity to spin a teetiny sample of it – All my wheels have other things on them and I'm not ready to empty any bobbins yet. But I see that it's going to spin up fast and soft and end up textured. Merino roving, unlike merino top, is sure to be neppy, but I will have fun learning how to manage this fiber.

All the Christmas socks are finished – though I am already thinking of people I would have liked to give hand knit socks to ... that's just a stupid guilt/ego game I play with myself every year. It goes like this:

Gift opening session... and I think “Oh! She would have loved hand knit gifts. And he would! And she would!"


I've gotten better at resisting that stupid urge. Knitted gifts go to those who have asked for them... and that I love enough to say yes to. Saturday, though, I'll do some holiday baking for everyone else on the list.

Hope your days are merry and bright.

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