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Friday, December 28, 2007  

We are taught to feel that everything in life has to have an explanation. In reality, though, we are all creatures of instinct. Inwardly, we sum up every situation we ever encounter in a flash. It takes less than a nanosecond for our psychic radar to decide whether or not it likes something or someone. Our intellect then scurries along behind, attempting to catch up by justifying whatever it is that we have felt. Save yourself some effort today. Trust your heart and never mind why.

Hmmm. Nice. Thank you Mr.Horoscope.

I'm ready to do that. To trust the heart, ride the wave, and let Saturn have his hard workin' way with me. I'm just ready. Ready to enjoy. There is one last holiday party tonight and by golly, after that it will be all apples and carrots. I've had enough party cheer to last me till – well, till spring, at least.

It's almost a joke that I'm going in to work today, though there is a tee tiny bit of actual work that has to be done. Easy stuff, but timely. It's supposed to rain this weekend so I'm doing the only important laundry right now. I'm so so so looking forward to days of looking at movies and old tv shows and knitting.

Yes. This is a knitting blog. I promise – there will be knitting content and even knitting photos before 2008.

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