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Tuesday, December 04, 2007  

Sheeeeee's Back!

Well. How's that for meeting my goals? Of course, the only things that required real discipline were the weight and exercise items - and that, only because they need to be addressed daily. Once I'd washed the windows, well, heck - that was just something to cross off the list. Hmmm. No. It also was bright crisp views and sunshine in the house, but the task itself was a one time deal. I didn't finish setting up the guest room but I made some progress and I let the present network administrator at the library have a second chance. And I did have great good fun - especially some fun I am just done with.

Almost out of the blue - almost all of a sudden - I had the opportunity to go here!

And visit someone special!
I'll put up a post about the whole trip later in the week, but the best part was the hugging and the chance to spend time with a favorite person.
And my dear friends - if you have questions, do please ask me via

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