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Sounds wonderful! And that picture of the dogs in the car is priceless! They look so hopeful!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007  

The past 5 days have been like a trip to fairyland – to peter pan ville – to some place that doesn't have anything to do with the real world. It was the longest period of living in the present I've ever experienced. Perhaps instinct told me to do this, but my conscious activities were never more than 2 hours beforehand – the time it took to put the rib roast into the oven so it would be at dinner time. Everything else I did, felt, saw, watched, enjoyed, savored, loved – just flowed into the next minute, just when it was supposed to.

Normally I am a PlanAhead ThinkLongAndHardAboutIt MakeAList kind of gal. I am so glad I just lived this holiday because, all that planning and listing and thinking can so easily become the substitute for living – an excuse for having let something slip through your fingers.

Saturday, LD and I went to town, picking up groceries and a spotted bird dog. Yes, A, that's a canine visitor. Buster is LD's Llewellyn setter – a dog he couldn't figure out how to take with him on this new job. A beloved bird hunting friend offered to keep him – for as long or as little as needed and to train him as well, so Buster went to hunting dog boarding school. The little mutt came to live with us and it is going to take some convincing to get me to give her up now.

Watching that reunion – man and dog – was one of the sweetest things I ever saw. LD ended up in tears and the dog probably would have cried if he had been wired up that way. Instead, it was all lick,lick,lick,lick,lick,lick,lick. (any of you ever read Pinkerton Behave to your kids?)

I didn't leave home again, except on foot – on long long walks – till yesterday. Christmas day was pure bliss with just the right number of presents for each of us, and - since much of the shopping had been done on Friday, when we were all together - exactly the right presents also. BH joined us for the 9.5 pound standing rib roast that my boys (of ThePhoto – and btw, did you notice hand knit socks on both pair of feet?) polished down to 5 bones and enough meat for 4 sandwiches.

We had music all the time, and laughter, calm gentle conversations, and so many hugs, and lots of opportunity to hear LD's opinions and thoughts about the work he's doing, enough sleep, not too much holiday cheer, and in general, 5 days of love, tenderness, and warmth. Could anybody ask for more than that?

Yesterday we had Things2Do in the City. As we were leaving TheCastle, though, some hitchhikers decided they should come along too.
What do you mean - "no"?
We visited both my parents and made the happy discovery of a visiting uncle and aunt!

All too soon, and yet, just at the right time, we dropped our beloved boy at the airport. Hugs and hugs and hugs goodbye and in the gloming dusk my BD guided me home through eastern Hanover county, on roads I'd never traveled before, through the last of the farmland downstream from Chicahominy Swamp, land of Capt. John Smith. I still feel a wee bit as if I were Wendy, or Dorothy, waking up from a fantastical trip to fairyland. I know that a wonderful blank beautiful happy year is waiting up ahead, but I'm just not yet ready to think about it. I believe I shall do a Scarlet – and think about it tomorrow – at Tara.

My love goes out to you all, dear readers. I hope you are as full of the magic of possibilities and life as a body can be.

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