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So sorry about your bad day yesterday! Thank God for Saturdays! If it's any consolation, you made yesterday a very good day for me by sending that lovely fiber. Surely good things will cycle back to you. I, too, plan to spend a good part of the day knitting, as I do have one Christmas gift I want to get done before next Saturday. Knitting and watching movies -- can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday! And Sunday, maybe I'll try and do some plying!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007  

Hooray Larry! The comment feature works now. I'm sure it wasn't working because I'm using the world's oldest blog template. One of these days I'll update, hmmm?

Yesterday was Bess's Terrible Horrible Very Bad No Good Day. It was a Day of Suckiness of such proportions that nothing else can be as bad – and I shall have only good things for the rest of my life.

Well. Hmmm. It wasn't quite that bad – but it was one of those days where every word spoken, every step taken, every decision made, except to go home after a dr. apt., was blocked, twisted, misunderstood, or otherwise led to a brick corner. I was never so glad to go to bed as I was last night – just to end the day.

Today is better. First off, it's not yesterday. Then, it's Saturday. I am at home. Alone for most of it, since BD is still doing Salvation Army things. The house needs to be cleaned, but it's not a pit. Just ordinarily sloppy looking. I haven't really been home for a weekend in 3 weeks so this is special for me. Like Antaeus, I need to plug back into my home territory or I begin to fray. Perhaps that is part of why I had such a cranky day yesterday.

I plan to scurry about doing Chores and then to indulge myself in Christmas music and Christmas movies and Christmas baking and ... no Christmas knitting – the strangest December I've ever had. Not sure if I like it or not... but I think I do.

I'll be back later today, or else tomorrow, with photographs.

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