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Everyone looks so content in that last picture! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 11:07 AM  

That marmalade looks awesome!

And the sock is beauteous, too :-D

Hugs, Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 11:16 AM  

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Monday, December 17, 2007  

One Week to Christmas Eve!

Saturn is grinding to a halt and is about to start a reverse cycle. And of course, he is doing that in your sign. This is the first retrograde period of his current passage through Virgo and in many ways is your chance to rebuild something that's recently be mowed to the ground. Only this time, you get to rebuild it properly. Saturn only knocks down structures which are too shaky to be safe. You are effectively getting a second chance to make something solid.

Well, my Virgo sisters – now is the time to frog that dreadful project if ever it was. Or perhaps I ought to say – tonight it is – since this is an Australian horoscope from MSHoroscope.

Happily I don't have anything that needs to go to the frog pond but I do have More Inches Knit on that lace sock. This is a sock for me – because I am bereft of Christmas Knitting. It took me a week to figure out why I couldn't seem to start anything when I have 2 sweaters I'm dieing to knit and all the yarn, patterns and needles I need to knit them. Then it hit me – I had been looking around for obligation knitting with deadlines attached. I was even wondering if I ought to whip up a little gift for someone, when the cool hand of reason wiped my fevered brow. I did my Christmas knitting earlier. I am free to do what I want with my knitting time. I can be selfish!!!

So, instead I made other gifts:

Yes. Orange marmalade – strong, sharp, and sweet. I confess. Even after the requisite 30 minutes of boiling, I ended up useing a box of pectin and even the box said it could take a week for this stuff to set. We may eat it before it gets a chance. I made 2 batches, because the first was so delicious and I still had some grapefruit that I knew we would never eat. In typical lucky-break fashion, the second batch was not as good as the first. That will probably be the stuff I keep. It can always be poured on a cake or a desert. Hmmmm. Oh my. Yes. Vanilla ice cream with orange marmalade juice and hot fudge sauce. Oh MY!

There was also a so so cookie baking session using my all time favorite fat person's peanut butter from here. This stuff is so good and has almost no fat in it and ... no other weird stuff either. I had to tinker with the recipe though, because I didn't have any baking soda. For all that the peanut butter has so much taste, baked up in a cookie with only a wee bit of butter for fluffiness, the flavor was much milder – leading me to think that a lot of the peanut butter flavor is in the oil. I will try again tonight, though, with baking soda – and maybe a little more butter – because BD loved these cookies.

The last triumphant Christmas activity of the weekend was getting the Christmas tree! Every year we pile into the car or the truck and head off down the road. In the weeks before, on my way to work, I try to spy out the most likely growths along our road because we have permission to cut along most of it and can knock on a door and ask if the perfect tree happens to be somewhere where we haven't cut before. It's always best if we don't have to skulk along the highway, checking out the median strip – though – in pursuit of the perfect tree, we have been known to allow our criminal nature to have its sway.

I hadn't seen anything this year, though I did scare my neighbors on Saturday as I poked my way back home from the post office, checking out both sides of the road, at about 8 miles an hour and definitely taking my half out of the middle. I thought it was our new young neighbor who is somewhat in awe of me ... but it was closer friends, who asked if I'd hit the Christmas toddy a little early. The understood, though, when I told them I was checking out the tree situation.

But once we put the saw and machete in the car and head off in earnest, we are always successful. There used to be hurt feelings and nagging on tree cutting day but we've finally grown up enough to stop squabbling about things like ... why would anybody drive a sub-compact car out to bring a tree home when he owns a full sized truck? We take the truck. Sometimes we take the dogs. But we always find a tree and it's always beautiful! See?

May your last week before Christmas be a loving joy filled one – I think I shall go knit on a sock.

posted by Bess | 6:28 AM