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A Namaste Bag! Whoa, Bess Dear. My Dear Daughter lives in walking distance (not a block, but close -- 4 or 5) from a knitting shop in Edmonton...and yet, no knitting gift pour moi. Clearly, I need to point out the obvious for next year!!

Hugs -- and Happy New Year,

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Saturday, December 29, 2007  

Around TheCastle, December means Christmas, and once that glittering peak has been surmounted, we are pretty much done with the celebrating. Now and then we'll throw a party, very rarely we'll be asked to one. Often the weekend after Christmas involves me going to Richmond to visit the folks. This year, every celebratory activity took place before my official New Year holiday began and so now I have before me 4 days of pure selfish downtime rest and relaxation. I'm even getting a little rain thrown in for good measure – a double bonus, since Virginia is still about 6 inches into a drought and besides, when it's raining it's legal to watch movies all day and knit!

I do have some chores to do – but there's nothing frenzied about it since I have 4 days to do them and can putter about it, rather than trying to get it all crammed into Saturday morning so I can at least have Sunday off. Instead, I'll probably slip into town to pick up some groceries I left in the library refrigerator last night, run my poor wet laundry through the dryer and make a stop by the gym. Back home there really has to be some dog hair removal via a vacuum, but there's no point in doing serious housework till Tuesday, when the tree comes down.

But with the downing of the tree – and the return to plain old ordinary house, minus festive decorations – comes the New Years Resolutions. For the first time I can ever remember, I'm not all thrumming with energy about What I'm Going To Do Next! I'm feeling very cozy and comfy with things. I'm looking forward to the next few knitting projects I've got lined up. I'm very happy with the current state of a number of the basic emotional stability issues that fill the life of anyone sandwiched between grown children and aging parents.

I'm not sure why I'm not all busy with New Ideas and What Now??? thoughts. Perhaps because we did so many NewThings with the house in the fall. Perhaps because only one room is full of cluttery mess that needs to be put away and that room has a door in its wall. I can just close it. I'm not even sure how to have a January 1 without a list of ... at least a list of Good Ideas. Ordinarily I would hate not having such a list – and I am a wee bit uncomfortable about it. But never fear. I am sure I can come up with some sort of 1/1/2008 list. In fact, I plan to look back over some of my old lists and see if any of them can yield a contribution to this year's.

But in the mean time – I have been poking about the Internets and I believe I have found my First Project for after I have made peace with my VISA card. How's this for creativity?

Yes. I'm in love. And I'm inspired. And if I weren't already broke for January (just found the house insurance bill – ugh) I'd be purchasing this today. Yum. It's for sale here.

How glad I am to have my first skein of cashmere from Hunt Valley Cashmere to knit my Great American Aran Afghan. I've decided on which block I want to knit and I'll be starting it today. (Humph. I can't find good pictures on-line and I don't want to wake up BD looking for the booklet. I'll have photos tomorrow)

I'm still swatching away with the Merino Stretch yarn even though rumor has it this yarn gets shabby fast. A final decision has yet to be made about using it at all, in fact, but I have fallen in love with a stitch pattern.

Isn't this beautiful? It's sort of reversible too – so it makes a splendid scarf – but I'm seeing two types of sweaters – Guernsey pullovers and tailored suit jackets. It's from this book:
and it's only offered as a chart which makes it easier to follow when knit in the round. Knit flat, especially in a dark yarn, it's hard to “read the knitting” and takes a bit more concentration. I know I'll knit this as a scarf, even though I don't like to knit scarves – and when I do, I'll re-draw the chart to make all the wrong side rows into right side rows.

And yes. That is a Namaste Bag – and it is a Christmas gift – and it's the sort of thing one gets from a beloved son who lives one block away from a darling knitting shop. I wouldn't ever have picked this color - I would have stayed with ordinary brown or maybe rust - but I'm so glad to have someone kick me out of my color rut! Merry Christmas to me, hmmm? and to you all.

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