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I love Love Actually. It is my second favorite Colin Firth movie, Pride and Prejudice being the first, of course. I think I will watch it tonight!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007  

Well. I got remarkably little done yesterday on my (not to me) surprise day off – which was sort of the point, but being an 87% Virgo, I feel a little like I wasted perfectly good Productive Time. Instead I watched the Pursuit of Happiness in the morning – a little slow but hey – it's Will Smith – and Love Actually in the afternoon with a precious girlfriend who hadn't seen it! I thought I might knit through that since I've watched it half a dozen times, but I couldn't find my glasses and I didn't want to interrupt the flow of that cute film to go hunt them down.

I did spend a little more time thinking hard about those 3 colors I'm planning to marry in the Merino Stretch sweater. I think it needs a 4th. I'm not sure what – but I'm leaning towards the brighter greens or a deeper burgundy. I have something I might use only it's betrothed to another project – Bricca the Aran – languishing in another of those BigBlueTubs. I've certainly got a lot of greens of different hues, values, and tints. Just a matter of deciding, which, alas, I can't do this morning. I've missed haircuts so many times this fall that I'm beginning to look rather shaggy. The only appointment I could get this week was at 7:45. Ah well – at least that will give me an hour at the gym before work.

Best be off! Happy Hump Day to you all!

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