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Tuesday, November 06, 2007  

Photo Heavy Post

How right you are, Cathy. I am a very lucky woman.

I am also an ADD blogger today. I am trying to settle into a post and keep flitting from writing about the Interweave Knits winter issue or writing about the stash I intend to post on Ravelry and actually posting the stash on Ravelry. Guess I ought not say anything at all if I can't figure out what I want to say today. Stuff is going in in my brain and my heart this week and it makes me unable to focus, sinking into daydreams, fluttering about.

Okay – let's open up this little bin of yarn:

Oh my! Right on top – Birthday Present sock yarn from J, the genius behind Spirit Trail Fiberworks!
And in this bag?
Hey! Addi Turbo Lace needles – burried in a lace sock-to-be
Some Shibui sock yarn from Ewe Knit Kits (dot com) in Va. Beach.
Bag O Shavings –
moth proofing pottpourri I'm still putting into little bags
Another Spirit Trail yarn – the one I knit my first design sample in – the zigzag sock pattern offered in Spirit Trail's sock club.
Lisa Harding silk and wool blend halfway knit into fingerless mits.
I hate that cable pattern though. Doesn't do nuffin' for that yarn. Gonna rip it back and knit something else.
La – that silk and wool stuff I bought in Culpepper –
it's from New Zealand I think. Another cable failure – a 2Bfrogged hat.
Oh! A gift skein from A! In honor of our own Miss Priss
Interlacement sock yarn that Kelly didn't want! Yum.

More Spirit Trail yarn - just wait till you see what I'm going to do with it!!

Odds and ends.

Lawsee! This is my smallest tub 0 stash! How will I ever get all the rest of that stuff loaded!!

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