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It's also possible to go multiple years without washing one's windows. Not that I know about that first hand or anything.... ;-)

The decadent shawl is looking lovely. :-)

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Thursday, November 08, 2007  

Isn't this the way of the world. I go for months without any company at all and then in one week plus a day I have three different and most wanted guests. After R&J left on Sunday, my stepson B showed up for 2 days and tomorrow P will be here for the Antiques Extravaganza. I'm so looking to some time with P – for we're always catching each other on the fly and with a group. This weekend I get her to myself a bit!

Work is hectic as we push through these final 2 days. Tomorrow we'll have our Friends dinner with Emyl Jenkins as our guest speaker. Saturday morning we're hosting an Antiques Roadshow at the library and lawsee I hope we've sold lots of tickets, but we're also selling tickets at the door for the first hour. Woops. Reminds me. I am supposed to take some by the radio station. Lawsee – and the treasurer's office. Okay well – there you have it. More things to put on the TTD list.

But happily the responsibility for this function is spread across several strong shoulders. And as far as I can see, after Saturday – I don't have a responsibility left other than ordinary going to work stuff. And holidays. Happy Sweet Home-filled holidays. Can't wait.

And joy – oh joy – I have Monday off!!! And in honor of the one veteran I know really well, my dad, I am going to wash my windows. He was the one who ordered all the frenzied housework in my childhood – he'll be proud of me. Or he'll laugh at me. Regardless of his reaction though, it's a daunting task that doesn't always get done. It is possible to go a whole year living in a house with unwashed windows. You just don't look at the dirt. Amazing how easy it is to do that.

Wee bit of knitting content.
I'm binding off the first ruffle on my Decadent Shawl.
All that will be left after that will be to pick up 64 stitches, double 'em, and knit 10 rows of garter stitch and I will have a real live FO that isn't a sock. Just in time for Tuesday Night Knitters. (and fulfilling my oath to finish one thing I bought at Stitches before it rolls around next year)
Early Birds at the Knitter's Review Retreat ought to be showing up at Seven Hills Inn in Lenox, MA. Sigh. This is the first retreat I've missed, so I'm hoping everyone will write lots of fabulous details and all incriminating photos will be posted.

Okay – off to do a pleasant family chore.


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