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Thanks for the link to Clara's latest post -- how inspiring was that!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

Imy stash!

I am so glad I have lots of yarn and fiber to experiment with, to explore, to create with. Ever since I saw this again,

I have been wondering what I could combine with that Merino Stretch to make a similar sweater. I've been swatching textured stitches and though I haven't settled on the exact stitch I'll use in the body, I'm pretty sure I can find something I like soon. What to use for collar and cuffs though... that has been on my mind. Today I have a surprise AtHomeDay (surprise to you, not to me, I planned it a few weeks ago) and so I pawed through the BigBlueTubs
and came up with these!

The red multi you have seen before. It's Insprations Yarns merino and it was a gift from M. I am so going to enjoy wearing a sweater with her yarn it it. Although it's enough for a hat or a scarf, I have never been able to commit to either of those ephimeral accessories. I've wanted this yarn knit into something I could wear all day long. Now, each time I look at my hands, I'll be able to think of M.

The cantaloupe colored yarn is some Classic Elite Waterspun. I bought it years ago thinking to knit one of those Viking Knits cabled sweaters. Of course, I didn't check gauge or the yarn size in the book. I was completely captivated by the color. The swatch is nice – and my goodness, this makes good cables – but it's way bigger than any of the patterns, so the yarn has languished in storage. Huge quantities of it were knit into a baby blanket for a little girl who is now 3 years old. But enough is left to make ribbing, and to offer a rich frame for stranded colorwork in red multicolored yarn.

Houston – we have ... well, not lift off, exactly, but we have progress. When I am finished with TheLastChristmasSock I will DoTheMath for this sweater.

Thank you, one and all, for the kind comments about my Thanksgiving posts. The five day holiday certainly was full of lots of good human experiences – love and friendship and nourishment and thoughts and creativity. I did get in a full day and a half spinning and knitting with R. I had the chance to do some serious spinning – almost finished half a pound of Border Leicester. I've knit the cuff of that TLCS mentioned in the previous paragraph. I got all my tubs moved out of the living room and at least into the room they're confined to till my studio is built some day in the golden and near future...
and at least I know where the property tax bill is – the one that is due on Monday. And there is $ in the bank to pay it in spite of the meager farm income. I truly am blessed. I am even going to get all my obligatory library paperwork done by tomorrow evening and be able to waltz into December with a light heart.

Now I want you all to go and drool over this space – a studio to inspire. Yeah C! You have lead the way – I am going to follow.

Hugs to you all.

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